Sunday, June 1, 2014

HMK-CD2 Particle Size Analyzer

HMK-CD2 is a particle size distribution analyzer designed by AimSizer according to international standard ISO 13320. It is a new generation of particle size analysis instrument integrating laser technology, computer technology and photonics technology inside only one body. As a highly-intelligent and fully automatic particles size analyzer, HMK-CD2 uses full-scale Mie scattering theory and special technique for particle size distribution analysis and calculation. The ultrasonic system, dispersing system and agitating system are placed inside of the host. For a unit with size range as broad as from 0.02 to 2000 micrometers such design effectively reduces the instability during the circulating process and considerably increases the accuracy. Even if a lot calculations will be carried out, the test speed is fast, each sample measurement can be finished within 1 minutes,The signals are automatically generated, transmitted and the results are automatically saved for a user-friendly view or print by the operator.
Measuring range: 0.02µm~2000µm
Tank: Stainless steel Vol.500ml
Accuracy: High measurement precision: D50 error range <±1%(National Certified Reference Material)
Light source: Laser diode 632.8nm 3mw >20000h
Light path: Parallel light path design comply with ISO13320 and ISO13321
Detector: Multi-element detectors in 80 grades are arranged in front, back and side positions, detection angel up to 165 degree
Sampling Method: Wet
Dispersion: Integrated ultrasonic 60W, ultrasonic, agitating, circulating time adjustableof etc.
Agent: Tap water, distilled water or other specified agent
Sample Qty.: mg to g
Data process: Mie scattering theory and special analysis software, RS232 serial port communication connection
Result output: Table and curve of particle size distribution, D10, D50, D90, D97, averaged particle size and specific surface area.
Test method: Automatically finished by software, after adding sample into the tank, the computer starts dispersing and agitating as well as ultrasonic; the suspension is circulated to the testing zone. After test the cleaning is also fully automatic.
Power: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
Environment: Clean, temperature 0-40℃
Dimension: W840×D370×H460 mm 70kg